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Title: De dubbele negen: tweede gedichtenbundel / Mao Tse-toeng
Author(s): 毛澤東 Mao Zedong (♂), 1893-1976
Translator(s): Vries, Theun de
Imprint: Utrecht: St. De Rode Vlag, 1977
Notes: Relay translation from the English.
Subjects: Poetry - Modern
Title: Gedichten van de Koude Berg, Zen-poëzie / Hanshan et al.
Author(s): 寒山 Hanshan (♂), 8th cent. (pp. 7-71)
拾得 Shide (♂), 8th cent. (pp. 72-73)
豐干 Fenggan (♂), 8th cent. (pp. 74)
Translator(s): Idema, Wilt L.
Imprint: Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 1977
Subjects: Poetry - Classical
Title: De witte valk van jonge meester Cui lokt heksen aan / Feng Meng-long
Author(s): 馮夢龍 Feng Menglong (♂), 1574-1646
Translator(s): Idema, Wilt L.
Appeared in: Hollands Maandblad (1977), pp. 35-46
Orig. title: 崔衙內白鷂招妖 / 馮夢龍著.
Archived URL: https://www.dbnl.org/tekst/_hol006197701_01/_hol006197701_01_0016.php
Notes: Available online
Subjects: Fiction - Classical


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