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Title: Tao Teh King / Lao Tse
Author(s): 老子 Laozi (♂), 6th cent. BC
Translator(s): Vreugdenhil, W.B.
Imprint: Amsterdam: Duwaer, 1944
Orig. title: 道德經 / 老子著.
Notes: Relay translation from various languages.
Subjects: Philosophy & Religion
Title: Wat de wind fluistert bij maneschijn: klassieke Chinese roman / Anonymous
Author(s): 無名氏 Anonymous
Translator(s): Woude, Johan van der
Imprint: Antwerpen: Het Kompas, 1944
Orig. title: 好逑傳 / 無名氏著.
Notes: Relay translation from the French (?).
Subjects: Fiction - Classical
Title: De gesprekken van Confucius / Confucius
Author(s): 孔子 Confucius (♂), 551-479 BC
Translator(s): Fick-Lugten, W.A.
Imprint: Naarden: In den Toren, 1944
Orig. title: 論語 / 孔子著.
Notes: Relay translation from the English.
Subjects: Philosophy & Religion


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