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Title: Stappen in de wetenschap / Han Han
Author(s): 韓寒 Han Han (♂), 1982-
Translator(s): Leenhouts, Mark
Appeared in: Armada 63/64 (August 2011), pp. 128-132
Notes: Excerpt from the novel Tade guo 他的國 (2009)
Subjects: Fiction - Modern - Mainland China
Title: Mijn generatie / Han Han
Author(s): 韓寒 Han Han (♂), 1982-
Translator(s): Stiggelbout, Annelous; Banfield, Mathilda
Imprint: Utrecht: Arbeiderspers, 2013
Orig. title: 青春 / 韓寒著. Taipei: Xin jingdian wenhua, 2010
Notes: This translation follows the selection of the English edition, 'My Generation'. All essays were translated directly from the Chinese.
Subjects: Essays


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